Quietest Computer

So which computers are the quietest? The quietest computers are the ones that are fan-less, or otherwise known as passively cooled. Since there are no moving parts when they’re processing, they will be absolutely silent. Zero decibels is best if you love quiet!

We’ll break our quietest ratings down into two different categories: most power, and most value.

Power Quietest: Macbook Air M1

One of the most powerful computers which is passively cooled is the Macbook Air M1 computer. This computer has no fan, but also has one of the fastest processors around, Apple’s M1 processor. This is currently the most powerful silent laptop computer you can get!

macbook pro on white table

Apple makes several other computers with the M1 chip in them, but all of the others besides the Macbook Air have fans in them. Though they might be quieter than the average PC, they aren’t silent like the Macbook Air.

Value Quietest: Raspberry Pi

For the quietest computer he highest vale you can get for your money, with the lowest price is unarguably the Raspberry Pi 4 B or Raspberry Pi 400. These computers which also have no fan, are released by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, which is a charity for educating the world about computers. The Raspberry Pi 400 kit has everything you need except a monitor, for $100 with accessories (or $70 without), but it can even be easily hooked to a TV.

Raspberry Pi 4 B

$70 for a whole computer plus keyboard is tough to beat!

How quiet is your computer? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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