Quietest Hair Dryers in 2023: Get a Silent Blowout with These Top-Performing Models

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Looking for a hair dryer that won't blow your ears off? We've got you covered. In this article, we explore the world of quiet hair dryers and provide a comprehensive guide to help you choose the best one for your needs. Whether you're a professional stylist or just want a peaceful blowout at home, we've got everything you need to know about the quietest hair dryers currently on the market.

Why Are Hair Dryers So Loud?

Have you ever wondered why hair dryers are so loud? It turns out that the noise generated by hair dryers is a byproduct of the motor and fan that are used to push air through the dryer. Most hair dryers use a universal motor, which is powerful but also noisey. However, some manufacturers have started to use brushless DC motors, which are quieter and more efficient.

Understanding the Noise Level of Hair Dryers

quietest hair dryer,Understanding the Noise Level of Hair Dryers

When it comes to measuring the noise level of hair dryers, manufacturers use decibels (dB). A standard hair dryer ranges from 85 to 95 decibels, which is roughly the same as a lawn mower or a motorcycle. However, some quieter models produce as low as 70 decibels, which makes them significantly less noisy.

It's worth noting that decibels are measured on a logarithmic scale. This means that a difference of just a few decibels can make a huge difference in terms of perceived noise level. For example, a hair dryer that produces 70 dB will sound twice as quiet as an 80 dB model.

How to Choose a Quiet Hair Dryer

Choosing a quiet hair dryer can be a daunting task, especially if you're not sure what to look for. Here are some of the most important things to consider when purchasing a quiet hair dryer:

  1. Motor type: As we mentioned earlier, brushless DC motors are generally quieter than universal motors. However, they are also more expensive.

  2. Speed and heat settings: Since quiet hair dryers tend to have lower wattages, it's important to choose a model with multiple speed and heat settings to achieve your desired results.

  3. Attachments: Look for a hair dryer that comes with multiple attachments, such as a concentrator nozzle or a diffuser. These attachments can help reduce noise by directing the airflow.

  4. Weight: A lighter hair dryer tends to be easier on the ears, especially if you have a lot of hair to dry.

  5. Price: Quiet hair dryers can range from affordable to quite expensive. Determine your budget and stick to it.

Top Quiet Hair Dryers of 2023

Here are our top picks for the quietest hair dryers in 2023:

  1. Dyson Supersonic: This hair dryer has been described as a "game changer" in the haircare industry. Not only is it incredibly quiet, with a noise level of 68 decibels, but it also dries hair quickly and efficiently. It comes with multiple attachments, including a smoothing nozzle and a diffuser, and has four precise heat settings.

  2. GHD Helios: This hair dryer is ultra lightweight and quiet, producing just 70 decibels of noise. It has a powerful motor and helps to reduce frizz and increase shine. It also has multiple heat and speed settings that make it versatile for various hair types.

  3. Bio Ionic Whisper Light Pro: The name says it all – this hair dryer is whisper quiet, producing a mere 50 decibels of noise. It has a ceramic heater that dries hair quickly and without causing damage. It also has a 9 foot cord and comes with a concentrator nozzle.

  4. Panasonic Nanoe: This hair dryer uses nanoe technology to reduce frizz and static, making it a great option for those with curly and unruly hair. It produces 87 decibels of sound, which is still relatively quiet compared to other models. It also features multiple heat and speed settings.

  5. Conair InfinitiPro: For those on a budget, the Conair InfinitiPro is a great option. It produces 75 decibels of sound and has multiple heat and speed settings. It also comes with a concentrator nozzle and a diffuser.


What is the lowest decibel hair dryer?

The lowest decibel hair dryer currently on the market is the Bio Ionic Whisper Light Pro, which produces a mere 50 decibels of noise.

Is there really a quiet hair dryer?

Yes, there are several hair dryer models that are specifically designed to be quiet, producing as low as 50 decibels of sound.

Is the Dyson dryer quiet?

Yes, the Dyson Supersonic is one of the quietest hair dryers currently on the market, producing just 68 decibels of sound.

Quick Tips and Facts

  • In addition to using a quiet hair dryer, make sure to use a heat protectant spray to prevent damage to your hair.

  • Brushless DC motors are generally more expensive than universal motors, but they are also quieter and more energy-efficient.

  • When purchasing a hair dryer, look for a model with multiple speed and heat settings to achieve your desired results.

  • According to a survey of hair professionals, the Dyson Supersonic is the most popular quiet hair dryer among stylists.

  • The average blow drying session lasts about 25-30 minutes, so consider the ergonomics and weight of your hair dryer when making a purchase.

Invest in a Quiet Hair Dryer for a Peaceful Blowout

If you're tired of loud, obnoxious hair dryers, it's time to switch to a quiet model. The Dyson Supersonic, GHD Helios, Bio Ionic Whisper Light Pro, Panasonic Nanoe, and Conair InfinitiPro are all great options to consider. Remember to look for a hair dryer with a brushless DC motor, multiple attachments, and a range of speed and heat settings to get the best results. With a quiet hair dryer, you can enjoy a peaceful blowout without disturbing your peace (or your neighbors').

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