Quietest Dishwasher for Your Dollar

Placing of Plates on a Dishwasher

Well our dishwasher finally bit the dust! Maybe yours did too? Ours hadn’t been washing well for quite a while, so we were thinking to get a new one eventually, but when ours finally gave out completely, we decided it really was time.

We did some research and came up with the quietest dishwasher we could find locally available for our money. Keep reading to find out which we picked.

Why so quiet?

Our dish washer in our kitchen is near our family room, where we like to watch movies. For us a loud dish washer could drown our the sounds of the movies.

If that’s not enough for you, there are health reasons too, since long term noise exposure has been linked to hearing loss and even other aliments such as anxiety, high blood pressure, and even heart disease! For us, this means it’s OK to spend just a little bit more to get something more quiet.


When looking for quiet appliances, we generally try to look at the big name stores, since they’ll usually have the best discounts, since they have a big volume (no pun intended).

Based on their websites, Lowes seemed to have the best way to hone in on which diswasher was the quietest per dollar. But what about financing?


Because dishwashers can be a bit on the expensive side, we decided to look for financing to see if we could get it interest free. Sure enough, both Lowes and Home Depot offered special interest free financing.

Lowes was again the winner here, since they offered interest free for the longest amount of time, 12 months.

Brands and Prices

We compared many different brands and models, and the two brands that we found that were the best performance and quietest was either:

  • Bosch
    • Some of the quietest
    • Cheapest models were out of stock
    • Very well rated
    • In stock models were more expensive
  • Midea
    • Very quiet (45 dB)
    • Reasonable price

How much is too much?

Dishwasher prices seem to have risen over the years! Also their features have increased too. But according to Randy, the guy who installed our dishwasher (who has seen a lot of them), the most reliable models are the ones that have less bells and whistles.

As he said “I just installed one earlier today that cost over $1000! That’s just crazy to pay that much for a dish washer! I think it’s much more reasonable to pay $500 to $600 range.”

We had already previously settled on this price range, so it was a good to hear his validation.

Final choice

In the end, we went with the Midea dishwasher which had a very good noise rating of only 45 dB. This is very quiet for a dish washer. Some of the reviews on the Lowes site claim it’s almost as quiet as a whisper and that they even had a hard time telling it was on, because it was so quiet! According to our quietness comparison chart (with data from Yale and the CDC), it is even quieter than the average household refrigerator (55 dB), but not quiet as quiet as a whisper (25 dB).

You can find a quiet Midea dishwasher on Amazon as well.

Have you tried this dishwasher and like it? Have you found a dishwasher that is even quieter for the money? We and our readers would love to hear about it if you want to post below.