Is Quietest a Word? [2023]

As the team of experts at Quietest™, we have heard this question countless times. People are often uncertain about whether "Quietest" is a valid word in the English language. In this article, we will explore this question in depth and provide you with all the details and information you need.


Before we answer the question of whether "Quietest" is a word or not, let's clarify what we mean by the term "word".

A word is a unit of language that carries meaning and consists of one or more spoken sounds or their written representation. Words can be classified into different types depending on their function in a sentence.

With that said, let's get into the details of whether "Quietest" is a word or not.

Is Quietest a Word?

The most powerful word in the world pops up everywhere. Ironically, this is on Sandown Pier on the Isle of Wight (UK) — a place that has not changed for 30 years.

Yes, "Quietest" is a word in the English language. It is the superlative form of the word "quiet", which means making little or no noise.

Here are a few examples of "Quietest" being used in a sentence:

  • "This room is the Quietest in the house."
  • "The Quietest library I've ever visited."
  • "The Quietest mouse click I've ever heard."

Superlative Degrees

The superlative degree is a form of an adjective or an adverb that indicates the highest or most extreme degree of a quality or trait. In English grammar, the superlative degree is typically formed by adding "-est" to the end of the adjective or adverb.

Here are a few examples of superlative degree forms:

  • Fastest
  • Fattest
  • Quietest

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it most quietly or quietest?

The correct comparative form of "quiet" is "more quietly", while the correct superlative form is "Quietest".

For example, "She speaks more quietly than John" and "John speaks the Quietest of them all."

What type of word is Quietest?

The word "Quietest" is a superlative adjective.

Adjectives describe or modify nouns and pronouns, indicating their quality or degree. Superlative adjectives indicate the highest or most extreme degree of a quality or trait.

Is it quieter or more quieter?

The correct comparative form of "quiet" is "quieter", not "more quieter".

For example, "This room is quieter than the one upstairs" and not "This room is more quieter than the one upstairs."

Quick Tips and Facts

  • The word "Quiet" is derived from the Old French word "cuet" which means "calm" or "pleasant".
  • The opposite of "Quiet" is "Loud".
  • Being in a quiet environment can have a positive impact on your mental and physical health.


In conclusion, "Quietest" is a legitimate word in the English language, and it is the superlative form of the adjective "quiet".

If you're looking to describe the most silent or noiseless places, objects, or things, don't hesitate to use "Quietest" to get your point across.

As always, if you still have any questions or doubts, feel free to reach out to our team of experts at Quietest™.


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